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Room151’s LGPS Private Markets Forum (cancelled)

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Due to a flood in the basement of the London Stock Exchange, the event was regrettably cancelled.

Room151 brings you an industry-curated programme to help you navigate the intricacies of private markets investments. With first-hand insight from your LGPS peers and renowned managers, this is a key forum for anyone interested in private markets.

This year, we will be exploring a wide range of issues, including asset allocation trends, sustainability and impact investing as well as deep dives into a range of asset classes including private debt, infrastructure, private equity and much more.

Chaired by Aofinn Devitt, our format brings together leading lights of the LGPS world in a fast-moving and comprehensive agenda that challenges speakers to bring their best ideas to the table at the centre of UK finance: The London Stock Exchange.

Opening remarks

Aoifinn Devitt

CIO/ independent adviser


Jill Davys

Head of LGPS & finance & investment manager at London Borough of Sutton


Trends in private markets – asset allocation, new opportunities & returns

Private markets allocations are undoubtedly increasing, but which asset classes are set to be most favored and what will the pace of allocation and return profile look like going forward?

Benjamin Davis

chief executive officer

Octopus Real Estate

Stephen Wild

head of pensions & treasury


Damien Pantling

head of pension fund

Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund

Odi Lahav


MJ Hudson

Impact investing – What form will this take?

With the government’s announcements regarding the role of LGPS in the levelling up agenda, new opportunities will have to be found in private markets. What will these be and how will this fit in with wider trends related to impact investing? What is the potential role for LGPS to allocate capital into the low carbon energy transition, focusing on additionality and achieving genuine and meaningful environmental and social impact?

Matthew Hubbard

head of UK investments

Temporis Capital

Sarah Miller

vice president, manager research


Sarah Forster

co-founder & chief executive officer

The Good Economy

Networking break
Private equity – still the king of private markets?

In a recent Room151 webcast on private markets, a number of speakers suggested that owing to the LGPS’s focus on infrastructure, they were arguably underweight private equity and, as one commentator put it, ‘missing a trick’. Is the LGPS less invested in private equity than comparable DB scheme? What is the view of administering authorities at the asset allocation level? And, what role can private equity play in long-term portfolios that perhaps infra and private credit can’t?

Tom Wright

director and private companies investment specialist

Baillie Gifford

Stephen Wild

head of pensions & treasury


Deborah Wardle

alternatives leader


Private markets & net zero – what does good look like?

Despite not having the same level of data available as for listed financial instruments, private markets investments are increasingly seen as a key component in the road to net zero. With energy transition issues and other key trends gaining momentum in this space the question remains; how do you integrate private markets investments into your overall sustainability strategy?

Dario Bertagna

managing director, co-head of clean energy

Capital Dynamics

Bola Tobun

finance manager (treasury and pensions)

London Borough of Enfield

Nemashe Sivayogan

head of treasury and pensions

London Borough of Merton

Lunch and networking
Spotlight on housing and real estate – private markets concerns & opportunities

Housing and real estate have been mainstays of private markets investments for a long time. Is the current market too hot though and what will the balance of industrial vs commercial real estate be going forward? Furthermore, housing in particular affordable housing is on the agenda of many local authorities and the question remains on how you balance investment returns with good policy outcomes?

Adrian D’Enrico

fund manager, funding affordable homes

Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management

Andrew Hall

senior investment manager

Greater Manchester Pension Fund

Infrastructure in focus – digital & physical

Infrastructure is clearly a key component but how do you find the best structures and opportunities in a hot market and what are the potential risks with this asset class and what mitigation strategies are available?

Scott Auty

partner and portfolio manager of the sustainable growth infrastructure fund


James Thelwell

portfolio manager (alternatives)

Border to Coast

Adil Manzoor

senior portfolio manager, alternatives & monitoring

Merseyside Pension Fund

Networking break
Private debt – macroeconomic opportunities & net-zero opportunities

With large swathes of the world emerging from the pandemic with macroeconomic turmoil as a result, private debt is set to be an interesting opportunity going forward. Private debt also offers great opportunities for engaging with companies to drive a net zero agenda, so no doubt it will be a hot asset class in the immediate future.

Ben Schryber

partner, head of business development

Kennedy Lewis Investment Management

Graham Cook

chief investment officer

Environment Agency Pension Fund

Mike Gillespie

senior portfolio manager

LGPS Central

Understanding how to best utilize the secondaries market

The secondaries market has been growing steadily as people are looking for steady incomes and as a way to quickly build a portfolio. Tensions remain vis a vis LP vs GP-led funds and how do you best utilize this complex asset class as a part of your portfolio?

David Atterbury

managing director


Sam Gervaise-Jones

head of client consulting, UK & Ireland & independent advisor


Conference close & drinks
Investing in Net Zero Infrastructure

In the ‘decade for delivery’ a tsunami of private capital will be unleashed on infrastructure to help deliver net zero. Not all of it will be wisely invested and risks abound as competing capital jostles for the best opportunities.In this roundtable we explore the burgeoning LP appetite for infrastructure investments which will underpin net zero, the ideas driving innovation, and the pitfalls for private markets investors facing stiff competition and issue of scale.

This roundtable is sponsored by Igneo Infrastructure.

08:30 – 09:45: breakfast included. All enquiries to jockum.nyberg@room151.co.uk

Sophie Durham

Managing Director, Head of ESG, Europe

Igneo Investment Partners


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