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Ruffer manage nearly £3 billion for LGPS clients. We are used for the diversification of our uncorrelated returns, genuine downside protection and focus on safeguarding against a new regime of higher inflation. An attractive, liquid, complement to alternatives.

The Ruffer investment strategy has two simple, steadfast objectives: firstly, not to lose money in any 12 month rolling period and secondly, to achieve positive returns in all market conditions. Our aim is to build an ‘all-weather’ portfolio of assets that will enable us to deliver on our objectives regardless of what is happening in the markets or the economy.

There are many funds in the market that offer the illusion of diversification and a differentiated process – Ruffer is genuinely different for 2 reasons:

1) Our track record shows that we have successfully achieved our objectives for 27 years with a low correlation to the major asset classes.

2) Our absolute return, un-benchmarked, all-weather approach is a very different starting point for portfolio construction than most conventional strategies.

Ruffer is recognised as a successful bear market operator due to the fact we have delivered positive returns in each of the three major bear markets since the firm began. However, we have also delivered good returns in bull markets with an annualised return of 9% net of fees and a maximum drawdown of less than 10%.