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Darwin Alternatives

Darwin Alternative Investment Management Limited (Darwin Alternatives) offers innovative, alpha-driven investment solutions which provide investors, mostly local authority pension funds, with positive long-term absolute returns that are generated from alternative investment solutions.

Darwin Alternatives is the Investment Advisor to Darwin Leisure Property Fund and Darwin Leisure Development Fund, which invest in UK holiday parks.  Darwin has changed the face of the industry, transforming low-revenue tenting and touring sites into luxury lodge resorts and utilising strong management and economies of scale to increase profits at established holiday parks. 

in 2018 we launched Darwin Bereavement Services Fund (DBSF), a core Social Infrastructure solution which invests in UK bereavement services assets that are actively managed to deliver sustainable, long-term free cash flow.  DBSF owns a portfolio of six cemetery and woodland ceremonial parks and 11 crematoria and burial grounds along with other bereavement-related businesses.  

DBSF aims to take pressure off local authority and church providers and to provide an exceptional and affordable service to bereaved families whilst generating modest, stable returns for investors.  There is a strong focus on sustainability and DBSF operates the first electric cremator in the UK, which can reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% compared to gas cremators.  

Mike Kew

Sales Director


020 7408 1060