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Ardea Investment Management

Founded in 2008, Ardea is one of Australia’s largest fixed income investment managers, entrusted with managing £14bn on behalf of clients ranging from pension funds, insurance companies and government entities, to wholesale and retail investors.

Ardea is a pure ‘relative value’ specialist and offers investors access to highly differentiated alpha sources via risk controlled portfolios.  The risk/return is independent of the level of bond yields, the direction of interest rates and the macro factors that dominate conventional fixed income investments.  The strategies have a low performance correlation to fixed income and equity markets with consistent performance volatility control, even during periods of market stress.  The strategies also offer consistent and reliable daily liquidity, and offer high capacity stemming from the vast global universe of liquid interest rate securities.  

The firm maintains majority ownership by employees to foster both long-term alignment of interests with clients and stability of the investment team, which has longevity, diversity and depth of experience across global fixed income markets. Ardea is partly owned by leading global investment management business, Fidante Partners.

Kerry Duffain

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