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Raymonde Nathan

Raymonde is an FPMI through the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) and is a qualified Independent Trustee. He has wide experience managing large and complex pension arrangements in his time at 2 major Benefit consultancies.. He was also a Pensions Advisory volunteer for 27 years, on SPP committees and a PMI tutor. Raymonde oversaw Governance and technical at JLT for many years delivering solutions. Currently Raymonde sits on the PMI advisory Council as well as , in a personal capacity, he is a pro bono Trustee of a learning disabled children’s charity and heads their Finance Committee.

As a Trustee, Raymonde Chairs several schemes and sits on the board of a £4.5b multi-employer scheme. . Raymonde also chairs several other schemes as well as sitting as a Scheme Strategist for the Worker’s Pension Trust.

He is also a co-trustee on several Sole Trustee cases. He also chairs several subcommittees to manage such matters as Investment, Communications, and discretions.