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Paul Woods

Paul is currently the Lead Financial Consultant to the North East LEP and has been providing financial advice to the North East LEP since 2014. He provides support and assurance to the CFO of the NTCA on LEP funding issues.

Well known for his role as City Treasurer and then Director of Resources of Newcastle City Council and Treasurer of the Tyne and Wear ITA until March 2014.  In 2014 he set up a consultancy firm Paul Woods Finance Ltd and was appointed Chief Finance Officer of the North East Combined Authority in May 2014 and continued to provide technical advice on local government funding to the Association of North East Councils until March 2019.   

Paul has a reputation for innovative financing arrangements and for being an expert in the complexities of the Local Government funding system. He has provided advice to the Association of North East Councils; Core Cities; Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau and was a member of the LGA core advisor group.  He has briefed MPs in Parliament on Local Government Finance and provided evidence to the Public Accounts Committee.