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Nico Aspinall

Nico Aspinall FIA is a is a recognised DC investment leader who has held senior investment roles in the largest Master Trusts, Consultancies and Asset Managers. He is a free-lance consultant having previously been CIO of the Peoples Pension; and Head of Investment Consulting and CIO of Lifesight while at Towers Watson. In his new company he advises Asset Managers and Providers on building DC products and market position in DC. Qualifying as an actuary in 2009 Nico is a long-standing volunteer for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Chairing its Sustainability Board, sitting on Council, the ultimate governing body of actuaries in the UK, and co-authoring papers on the sustainability of the financial system. More recently his twin passions of DC and Climate change have been coming together and Nico is a powerful advocate for climate change in DC and for actuaries in both fields.