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Dennis Gepp

Dennis Gepp was a founding partner and the Chief Investment Officer at Prime Rate Capital Management LLP, from 2007 until the company was acquired in early 2012 by Federated Hermes, Inc.  Since then, he has been Managing Director of Federated Hermes (UK) LLP, and CIO of the cash business until December 2022.  Since January 2023 he has concentrated on regulatory matters as Head of European Regulatory Affairs.

Dennis was Treasurer of Brown Shipley & Co Ltd, private bankers, responsible for the management of the bank’s liquidity and asset and liability management from 1992 until 2007. During the previous 19 years, he held senior positions in the Treasury Departments of CIBC (Europe), Middle East Bank, Baring Brothers, Iran Overseas Investment Bank and Bank of America International. He has been Honorary Treasurer of ACI UK – the Financial Markets Association, the world’s largest association of financial markets practitioners, a member of the Board of the Institutional Money Market Fund Association (IMMFA) and chair of IMMFA’s Investment Committee.  He is currently a member of the STEP (Short Term European Paper) Committee, EFAMA’s Trade, Trade Reporting and Market Infrastructure Standing Committee and MMF Working Group, Irish Fund’s MMF working Group and Fitch’s European Short-Term Investor Advisory Council.