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Longview Productions Ltd is the publisher of www.netzeroinvestor.net  and www.room151.co.uk and producer of their associated event portfolios.

Details of our conferences, and access to delegate materials, are all stored here on www.longviewnetworks.com

Net Zero Investor‘s mission is to provide written, streamed and in-person content that will benefit investors’ net-zero journeys, and to challenge assumptions that won’t.

Room151 is an online news, opinion and resource service for local authority Section 151 and other senior finance officers covering treasury, strategic finance, funding, resources and risk. Room151 was launched on 8th November, 2011, by Longview Productions Ltd, the organiser of the Local Authority Treasurers’ Investment Forum.


Operations & delegatesbooking queries: june.clark@room151.co.uk
Commercial: peter.braham@room151.co.uk